This book provides a guide to NoSQL, Cloud and Agile Assimilation Engineering Best Practices.

About: The handbook reviews the paradigm of NoSQL Data Storage, Cloud Computing & Agile Development. Its goal is to leverage guidance to researchers and practitioners, helping them select the best-fit data store, identifying challenges & opportunities of the trending assimilated paradigm.

A Sensor Integrated Cloud Based Internet of Things Prototype for Real Time Monitoring Applications.

About: This paper provides a detailed run down of my invention - The PARASENSE architecture which integrates WSN with Internet of Things. Using the PARASENSE architecture, a set of real time applications can be deployed, some of them are illustrated in this paper.

Sensor Framework for IoT System-on-Chip

About: With the advancement of portable devices and sensors, there has been a need to build a universal framework, which can serve as a nodal point to aggregate data from different kinds of devices and sensors. We propose a unified framework that will provide a robust set of guidelines for sensors with varied degree of complexities connected to common set of System-on-Chip (SoC). These will help to monitor, control and visualize real time data coming from different type of sensors connected to these SoCs. We have defined a set of APIs, which will help the sensors to register with the server. These APIs will be the standard to which the sensors will comply while streaming data when connected to the client platforms.

Comparison Study of Different NoSQL and Cloud Paradigm for Better Data Storage Technology

About: Advancements in web-based technology and the proliferation of sensors and mobile devices interacting with the internet have resulted in immense data management requirements. These data management activities include storage, processing, demand of high-performance read-write operations of big data. Large-scale and high-concurrency applications like SNS and search engines have appeared to be facing challenges in using the relational database to store and query dynamic user data. NoSQL and cloud computing has emerged as a paradigm that could meet these requirements. The available diversity of existing NoSQL and cloud computing solutions make it difficult to comprehend the domain and choose an appropriate solution for a specific business task. Therefore, this chapter reviews NoSQL and cloud-system-based solutions with the goal of providing a perspective in the field of data storage technology/algorithms, leveraging guidance to researchers and practitioners to select the best-fit data store, and identifying challenges and opportunities of the paradigm.

Cisco Acuires CloudCherry

About: Cisco Acquires CX Management firm CloudCherry. My analysis of this merger

Nabeel Siddiqui

Oracle’s Innovative Cloud Solution for Mexican SME's

About: My analysis on Oracle's strategy of targetting SME's in Mexico

Nabeel Siddiqui

GE Electric is investing in Wind Power Business

About: My Analysis on GE's investment in Wind Power Business and colloborating with Wind Farms

Nabeel Siddiqui

Cisco WebEx – Enhanced security without Compromising User Experience

About: My Analysis on how Cisco enhanced the WebEx Security without compromising on the Value Proposition and USer Experience

Nabeel Siddiqui

Canon’s crowdfunded "tiny"​ camera – Ivy Rec

About: My Analysis on how Cisco crowdfunded a robust backpack camera to test the waters in the market