Nabeel Siddiqui

Nabeel Siddiqui

Featured in Innovator@SAP Video, 2017

Hi, I'm Nabeel, working as the Global Director - Products & Tech for Innovation and Incubation Hub at SAP. We help customers RISE with SAP and RUN Simple. I am a DUKE Graduate and I specialize in Product and Strategy


I aspire to build products that customers love by serving the core value proposition while maintaining the highest customer experience. I have 5 years of product experience and my roles spanned across gathering requirements, creating product roadmap, to delivering and selling the finished products. I am a firm believer of “Building Bridges, Not Silos” and I have been fortunate enough to conceptualize and build very successful products that solved interesting use-cases. I have a knack for learning and implementing new processes and my love for technology motivates me to blog, publish books and journals to multiple forums. My alacrity to strive for excellence earned me titles such as: “Customer Centricity,” “Excellence in Innovation,” “Top 6 Innovative Application.”

Skill Highlights

  1. Problem Solving - Nabeel is an expert in problem-solving as he invented a simplified compare simulation concept for comparing the performance for physical assets using feature prioritization, divide and conquer and mental models. This simplification led to the on-boarding of one the biggest clients in Europe.
  2. Product Management- Nabeel has experience in driving ideas to products. He has worked in projects like Predictive Engineering Insights, HooP, Smart Parking from their inception and used mind mapping, Design thinking, User Experience, User Interviews, and Advanced Development methodologies to deliver a profitable product. The key to success was his emphasis on scalable design, and quality over quantity approach.
  3. Innovation- Nabeel was featured in ”Innovator @ SAP” annual video series for his contribution to the Internet of Things, Machine Learning, Analytics in terms of Patents and Technical journals. He has authored books andbook chapters on these topics and loves to share his expertise in Tech Talks
  4. Technical Development- Nabeel is an avid coder and he is proficient in JavaScript, Python, Java and has worked extensively on SAP's UI5 framework to create world-class products with more than 500,000 user bases. He has also designed scalable product architectures using Kafka, AWS, Azure and is an advocate of multi-cloud architecture.
  5. Management- Nabeel possesses exceptional management skills and has led teams in technical capacity to deliver user features in a timely and strategic manner. The key to his success was planning, communication, decision making and forecasting the release strategy to launch the product

Timeline of Achievements
  • 2013 - WINNER global hackathon organized by PESIT for custom-built cloud hosting service Read more at: Deccan Herald Article
  • 2014 – Best PROJECT award for his invention KGSAN – A system and method to monitor real time predictions in weather conditions using sensor integrated cloud-based internet of things (IoT) with a generic web-based API (Application Programming Interface). Indian Patent 2271/CHE/2014
  • 2014 – Top 6 Innovative ideas in INDIA by Yahoo Innovation Jockey – A National level competition aimed at finding solutions that solves a real problem.
  • 2015 – WINNER global hackathon organized by SAP Walldorf for creating a tokenization concept to reduce queues at the cafeteria.
  • 2016 – Excellence at Innovation - Awarded Excellence @ Innovation at SAP Labs India for developing an end to end application "HooP" to map street kids to a learning objective using sports as a medium. #socialchange
  • 2017 – Innovator @ SAP - Felicitated with Innovator @ SAP for ongoing research and contributions to technology by authoring books, designing scalable solutions and mentoring developers to deliver next gen solutions.
  • 2018 - Member of Editorial Board - Honored to be inducted in the board of technical review for International Journal of Wireless Networks and Broadband Technologies.